State forestry institution "the ushachsky timber enterprise"

The length from North to South and 37 km from East to West and 80km.

Office of forestry is located in the item of Ushachi, 185 km from Minsk, in 145 km from the regional center - the city of Vitebsk and 40 km from the nearest railway station Polotsk.

Subject to the forestry Vitebsk gplho, which in turn is subordinate to the Ministry of forestry of the Republic of Belarus.

The ushachsky timber enterprise of Vitebsk gplho is located in the Central part of Vitebsk region on the territory of the Ushachi administrative district. Currently part of ushachsky timber enterprise includes 7 forest: Usha, Glybochansky, Velikodolinskoe, Kosarsky, Cublicle, Plinsky, Sorochinsky. The area of forestry on 1.01.2011 year is 72 586 hectares, including covered with forest 61 168 ha.

In accordance with the existing site zoning of the territory of the Republic produced I. D. Yurkevich and V. S. Geltman, the ushachsky timber enterprise is located in the subzone of broad-leaved-fur-tree (dubovo-temnohvojnyh) woods and belongs to the Polotsk forestry Western Dvina forest district.

The climate of the district is the location of the forestry is moderately warm and humid and is influenced by air masses of temperate latitudes and of the individual occurrences of Arctic air , is characterized by low warmth, security and high humidity, i.e. it is close to the climate of South-taiga forests. This ensures optimum conditions for the growth of such species as pine, spruce, birch, aspen, alder.

Belarusian lake district to which the territory of the forestry is a land of numerous lakes and a developed river system, belonging to the basin of the Western Dvina. Only the Western part of forestry is connected with the basin of Berezina.

The main waterway is the Western Dvina river, average annual flow of water which at Polotsk is 265 m3/s.

The ushachsky timber enterprise covers the upper course of the river Ushacha. Right river runs into it kroshenka, flowing through lakes Dolzhino, Vechile, Valco, bordered by pine forests. On the left the river is connected with lake. Matyrino. In the upper reaches of Usaca, close to the forest, there are lakes Zvone, Zamoshie, Tartak and others, are also bordered with mossy forests. Among the birch forests lies the lake Pochasno. Especially large lakes (Certwatch, Paulo, Yanovo, etc.) are located in the North-Eastern part of the territory of the Leskhoz, but they have no wood environment.

The main manufactured products: timber softwood and hardwood, pulpwood, plywood raw materials, wood fuel, technological raw materials, manufacturing shells of houses and outbuildings, small arhitekturnyh forms, harvesting Christmas trees, harvesting birch SAP implementation material and planting of seeds, organization of hunting tours.

In the forestry acts: 7 school forest total population of 218 people, fixed 2760 hectare of land. Students annually assist in planting, harvesting cones, fencing anthills, hanging sinonimov. The most active in all matters acting school forest in Orekhov GOSS.

In forestry also apply: the primary organisation BRSM, registered in 2009 and has more than 20 members;

The primary organization of veterans of ushachsky timber enterprise – the Chairman Fomin Vasily..