The obychnyjTerritorialnaja frame of pre-revolutionary Belarus was considered only within the limits of the Minsk province. Till 1869 in it there were 13 forest areas. Since 1869 wood summer residences of the Minsk province have distributed on 25 forest areas. Shortly, forest areas the numbers having before, wood department has designated under the name of cities, settlements, places in which they settled down. Among forest areas was Dokshitsky which settled down in a place of Dolginovo. Composition of a forest area included the Velikodoletsky volost, nowadays being the Velikodoletsky forest area of Ushachsky timber enterprise.

In pre-war time and during war by the director of timber enterprise Tomashevich Zahar Petrovich was.

In post-war time till 1949 – Pashuto Pavel Ivanovich.

С1949 Till September, 1954 – Poods Ivan Ivanovich

With 1954 on 1961 - Birkan Pavel Davidovich

With 1961 till May, 1969 - Kozlovsky Michael Borisovich

Since May 1969 till August, 1997 – Boboedov Nikolay Dorofeevich.

Since August 1997 and on the present heads timber enterprise Rudasov Alexander Pavlovich.

The decision of the Central Electoral Committee of the Soviet Socialist Republic from June, 2nd, 1936 organises the Belarus control of wood preservation and afforestations, same year the Ushachsky timber enterprise as as of January, 1st 1940 the list of timber enterprises of the Belarus Soviet Socialist Republic joined Ushachsky timber enterprise which occupied the space of 29779 hectares is organised, and included 4 forest areas: Glybochansky – 3959 hectares, Velikodoletsky – 15291 hectares., Plinsky – 5452 hectares., Ushachsky – 5077 hectares.

The order of Minleshoza of the USSR from May, 12th, 1949 liquidates the Glybochansky forest area, and is again reduced by the order of SM БССРfrom July, 16th, 1960, the same order (from May, 12th, 1949) organises the Vesnitsky forest area.

From September, 8th, 1954 the Ushachsky timber enterprise is liquidated by the order of the Ministry of Agriculture of the USSR, its area is pitched in composition of Lepelsky timber enterprise.

The order of Ministerial council BSSR from September, 29th, 1960 again organises Ushachsky timber enterprise by the area of 32,4 thousand in hectare. 5 forest areas have entered into its composition: Velikodoletsky, Vesnitsky, Glybochansky, Plinsky, Ushachsky.

The order of Minleshoza БССРfrom May, 21st, 1969 organises the Kublichsky forest area. The Vesnitsky forest area is renamed in Kosarsky. On the basis of the Order №34 from 1/31/2000 of year of the Ministry of a forestry of Byelorussia in Ushachsky timber enterprise 7 forest area - Sorochinsky - on the basis of quarters of Ushachsky and Glybochansky forest areas and the earths of agricultural productions taken over in 1998-1999 is organised.

In timber enterprise such sign figures as worked: Boboedov N.D. – the director of timber enterprise with 1969 for 1997. Deserved the worker of wood BSSR;

Pygachev Volume Ivanovich - the driver, is awarded the order «the Labour Red Banner»;

Provada Nikolay Ivanovich – the forester of the Velikodoletsky forest area, is awarded by a medal «For valorous work», a sign «For faultless service».

Vishenkova Nadezhda Pavlovna – the engineer wood use, is awarded by a medal «For valorous work».

Markovets Vasily Dmitrievich – the engineer of preservation of wood and the hunting fauna is awarded by a medal «For valorous work».

Kovnurko Vladimir Pavlovich – the assistant to the forester of the Plinsky forest area, is awarded by signs «For faultless service in the state wood preservation»

Dalchanin Feodor Prokofevich – the forester of the Velikodoletsky forest area, is awarded by signs «For faultless service in the state wood preservation».

Hamichenok Nikolay Vasilevich – the main forester deserved лесоводБССР

Rohmanenko Oleg Stepanovich – the forester of the Kosarsky forest area deserved the worker of wood Byelorussia.