Work on enriching of conditions and labour safeties in GWEO «Ushachsky timber enterprise» in 2011 was made purposefully and constantly according to branch,

Regional regional programs, operative, flowing, and long-term plans on enriching of conditions and labour safeties.

In timber enterprise the control system of a labour safety (СУОТ) is implanted.

The legislation on work is observed. With a view of increase of knowledge under the accident prevention and in order to avoid an industrial traumatism annually including in 2011 course training on a labour safety with workers of all trades of timber enterprise on 20  to the hour programs developed for concrete productions is carried out.

Work on a labour safety is concentrated on quality of training working, conformity of qualification of workers, carrying out of necessary kinds of instructing, examinations concerning a labour safety, to maintenance working as convenient and safe means of labour, individual and collective protection, effective periodic control at all levels. For achievement of these purposes by a timber enterprise certifying commission examination concerning a labour safety at ИТРand workers was made.

For enriching of the organisation of production, safe methods of work professional level of knowledge raised. According to the branch graph Days and Weeks of a labour safety were spent. Results of checks were considered at production meetings and the commission on a labour safety of timber enterprise for the purpose of development and acceptance of immediate measures on the revealed lacks and infringements of norms and labour safety rules.

In 2009 for a labour safety it is spent 90,7 million roubles, including 63,5 million roubles on budgetary and 27,2 million roubles on self-supporting activity. Means for indemnifications on working conditions have compounded 57 million roubles (32,4 million roubles on budgetary and 24,6 million roubles on self-supporting activity). Means, spent for actions for a labour safety on one working in 2009 have compounded 217,0 thousand roubles.

The foresters occupied on wood working out works, machine operators, working all specialities are provided by overalls on 100 %. In process of enriching of a financial state of timber enterprise overalls acquisition, special footwear and СИЗcurrent and next year year first of all is planned.

Under constant medical control there are the workers occupied on workplaces with harmful and dangerous production factors.